Online-casino titled Videoslots has a enormous widespread of of games to play through the platform. The number of gaming providers is almost consists of 130 and the total number of games presented is 3750. Incredible extensive.

videoslots affiliate program

Started in 2011 in Malta, it has expanded to the one of the key giant players on certain market on worldwide level. As the other advantage of the company can be distinguished well-developed affiliate system, which offers rewards up to 45% for affiliates.

However, the interface supports only 8 languages:

  1. English
  2. Danish
  3. German
  4. Norwegian
  5. Romanian
  6. Slovenian
  7. Suomi
  8. Japanese

The review you're currently reading would estimate Videoslots affiliate program and inform about available types of partnerships and rates.

Types of partnerships for Affiliates

commission for partners videoslots

Overall, Videoslots affiliates offers 3 main types of partnership agreements, which are fully customisable and free to be supplemented by your own preferences and needs. They are CPA, Hybrid and RS method. Let's focus on the each one.

  • CPA (Cost-per-Action) – a scheme which complies in calculation of the affiliate's profits by a fixed amount from every quoted player with his/her first deposit. The rate is increasing simultaneously with the rise of total amount of the quoted by you players.
  • Hybrid – a scheme combines the another two schemes in one. It complies in earning a fixed amount from first deposit made by quoted players from you. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to obtain a monthly commission which is equal to an extra percentage from money that your players lose while gaming. The second option requires an activity from your player during the calendar month.
  • RS (revenue share) – a scheme which allows to obtain a lifetime percentage from money loses by your quoted players. The amount is calculated by amount of losses minus operational costs. The rate is progressive which means that is might be risen in case the number of quoted players is rising simultaneously.

Establishing an account in Videoslots Affiliates

Registering as an affiliate is incredibly simple procedure which would not take a lot of time.

Visit the website of Videoslots —> Affiliate Section —> Tap on registering with inscription «Join&Start Earning now».

registration with affiliate videoslots

Then you supposed to fulfil all the fields requested with the true information. Disclaimer: there are a lot of fields.

You need to:

  • Set up an username in system
  • Create a password
  • Provide email address
  • Choose your country of presence
  • Insert your First name and Last name
  • Provide you date-of-birth (you're elder then 18, aren't you?)
  • Insert the name of your Company
  • Choose the currency of account's balance (obviously, there is no choice, only EUR supported)
  • Present your actual full address (city, state, street, ZIP-code)
  • Fullfil URL
  • Provide your contact number of mobile phone
  • Skype (if you have it)

The promo code (if you have it either. If you don't, use our XXX)

What the rules you have to follow while establishing an account

You are able to read out the full text of agreement and terms&conditions before signing it, if you wish and got a plenty free time, of course. If you don't want to read this long juridical text, we highlighted the key issues from it the next. Following them would be pretty enough.

Here's a brief summary:

  1. Being at least 18 years old adult
  2. Insert only correct and true info about yourself
  3. Follow the marketing ethics:
  • Using special link for getting illegal data from websites
  • Spamming via email
  • Spamming via blogs
  • Using of spam in search engine systems
  • Cookies stuffing and iframe

Other cheating methods of marketing

What are the product available on Videoslots Affiliate Program

videoslots casino

Among the traditionally presented staff like General Marketing Guidelines, which you can find in Captures I-IV of affiliate agreement, there are a several unique features presented either. The marketing additional material consist of:

  • Animation
  • Banners
  • Images
  • HTML5
  • Links
  • Bonus codes, etc.

For instance, RTP feature is an exclusive tools for analytics and statistics of your quoted players experience, which you can easily get access to and manage in any time. Gathering success of your players and earns money has never been so simple.

videoslots casino bonus system

For your players, there are presented a widespread range of interactive activities and tournaments, as Battle of Slots, Trophy System, Weekend Booster, etc.

How affiliate's earnings is counted in Videoslots?


Players per month

CPA per player





11 - 20

€ 15

21 - 40

€ 20


€ 25


The number of new players per calendar month:

Revenue Share for all active money player:

CPA payment for each new money player:

1 - 5

5 %

€ 10

6 - 10

10 %

€ 15

11 - 20

15 %

€ 20

21 - 40

20 %

€ 25


25 %

€ 30


The number of new players per calendar month:

Revenue Share for all active money player:

0 - 5

25 %

6 - 10

30 %

11 - 20

35 %

21 - 40

40 %


45 %

Affiliates Reviews

partner videoslots reviews

Ivan, Webmaster

I chose an affiliate program of Videoslots, because experienced play it in the past. I don't regret my choice, it's great. Receiving my payments regularly for a half a year and have not faced any troubles yet.

Bastian, Blogger

I extremely enjoy affiliates system from video slots. I picked up their banner in my blog website and earning enormous earnings each month, even more then my blogs revenue. A flexible tariffs are incredible, it allowed me to choose hybrid scheme according to my audience type directly.

The rates are progressive and vary in the range from $5 to $25 per player.

They are also progressive and vary in the range from 25% to 45% from total revenue from player.

There is an extra type named «Hybrid», which combines both previous types in one. More completely information about that type is hidden in the article above. Try to find it.

By the end of the next month (e.g. payments for April would be charged in the end of May).

Only via the Bank Wire transferring is applicable to affiliates.