Bethard Affiliate Program

Looking for a reliable affiliate program with a strongly in demand brands, professional team and high-level rates? I've got something for you.

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Berthard Group – a major gaming company which consolidates 3 giant brands under their group. They are Bethard sports wagering, fastbet and SverigeCasino. The profits from them is counting in hundreds millions of dollars and you are able to take a piece of cake, if you wish, of course. How? Easy!

Bethard Group Affiliate Program – is a enormous quality partnership system, which allows to attract the audience to the one or several brands of the group with rewarding for that in fiat currency. Let me explain what I'm talking about.

Imagine you're a website owner, webmaster or blogger, anyone who's got a traffic of potential players that is flexible and can be referred. You registering in Bethard affiliates, creating your personal link and present it to the audience. They are clicking and starting using platform – you obtaining a percentage from their money spend. In case your audience is wide – your profits is colossal. Even if it's not, you should try it and make sure the game is worth a candles.

This review would help you to decide and show the main issues of Bethard Group Affiliates.

Types of Partnership for Affiliates

Obviously, pricing plans are not presented in the website of Bethard affiliate in open access. However, due to our information, there are acceptable all main types of cooperation for affiliates – CPA, revenue sharing and hybrid. Let's cover their caracteristics.

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CPA or cost-per-action – most popular scheme in which affiliates get rewarding with a fixed amount after the first deposit made by players they've referred. The amount of payments may be risen according to the increase of total amount of players referred.

Revenue sharing – another scheme which is most in common, it consists of fixed percentage payments from net profits per players affiliates have referred. It also may be risen due to the number of users came from you.

Hybrid plan is a combination of previous one. There is a possibility to build your individual plan directly for your needs and audience. For establishing personal pricing plan, contact tech support of affiliate system and they would help to find the best conditions.

Registration in Bethard Affiliate Program

In comparison with ordinary players registration, the procedure for affiliates is more complicated and serious. However, it won't take much time to be proceeded.

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As for players, you've to be at least 18 years old age adult and fulfil everything correctly. Making a mistake or even cheating might tend to the lockdown of your account in the future with destroyed reputation, losed your rewarding and other unpleasant things happening. Therefore, be careful.

Registration for on the website of Bethard Affiliate System consist of 3 main stages: personal info, payments info and additional.

In the 1st one you would be asked for contact information about yourself, your company and URL-link of your website. The 2nd one asks for payments info or the way how to pay your rewarding to you. The 3rd stage consists of extra information which is also needed.

What rules should be followed after registering

Once you'd be registered, you have to wait a little bit until your application would be approved. Once it would be done, you would get your individual referring link, which would indicate that the players are came from you.

While attracting the audience to one of the brands, you have to remember and follow marketing guidance and ethics, which is a crucial thing in affiliate system. Usage of prohibited methods or cheating ways while maintaining marketing campaigns. Breaking the guidance may over the same way as inserting wrong information about yourself – the consequences will be even worse. The restricted methods could be the following:

  • Spamming through various channels
  • Cookies stuffing
  • Iframing, etc.

What products are presented in Bethard Affiliate Program

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While you're becoming an affiliate, you can choose one or multiple products to attract the auditory – Bethard sports wagering, FastBet or SverigeCasino.

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Whatever you've chosen, you would equipped with all necessary marketing materials for your campaign, like banners, text and tutorials, images, etc.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

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Angelo, Sport Analyst & Reporter

When we chose the best affiliate partner for our newspaper, we looked on the major brand corporations which are working on equal level. Berthard Group peered to us firstly too small, but than we changed our view and were right. A team full of professionals, with strong products engaged and high-quality service. We have never faced any issue while cooperating, but I'm sure even if it happens, the challenge would be handdled as soon as possible.

Ricardo, Soccer Player & Blogger

I started my blog in order to keep in touch with my fans. When I recognised that I can convert them into extra profits, I've been intrigued. But that's real and audience is happy – making bets on my matches and I earn an interest from it! Playing in 2nd Division in Brazil isn't profitable, but with that extra source of profits I feel myself like players from 1st Division!

They are not listed, please, contact support team to get more information.

Revenue share starts on 25% and might over even on 50% from players net profits.

There are also a hybrid method, but the rates are unknown either. You know what to do, yeah?

By the 10th day each month. For current month you'd receive money for previous.

Via the Bank Wire transferring, Neteller or Skrill.