21 Casino - a high-ranked provider of online-gaming activities through the Internet, which is come from Great Britain. The casino has expanded over variety of countries worldwide and has gained a reputation of authority and trusted company. In addition, it is regulated by UK Gambling Commission who is responsible for transparency and fairness of 21.

casino affiliate 21

As an online-casino company, 21 has earned a huge profits in which you are able to take part either.

How? – you may ask.

Simple! – we would answer. – 21 Casino Affiliate Program!

Becoming an affiliate of the online-casino means sign a partnership agreement which forecast attracting a traffic of potential gamers through your marketing channels and sharing total income from them with the casino provider. It is highly perspective nowadays tendency and you should follow the modern waves in order to make some profits and enjoy your experience.

In the article you're currently reading, we would estimate 21 casino affiliates from our independent point of view in comparison with the others. Furthermore, we would cover all the key issues and registration process. To sum up, we have conducted a research and collect feedbacks from various personalities, who are already an affiliates and were so pleasant to share their opinion with others. Hope you'd enjoy it or we would pay your money back. Just kidding.

Types of partnerships for an affiliates

In case you don't aware of the possible types of affiliate agreement, let us discover for you such item.

terms of cooperation with 21 casinos

Traditionally, there are 2 types of possible payment schemes are widely used by affiliates: CPA or Revenue Sharing. CPA or Cost-per-Action is complying of fixed payment amounts according to the number of players who came from you. Another type, RS, is connoting a lifetime payments of interest from net profits from the players you referred to. With such circumstances it is better to attract players who would gaming for a several times – so you would earn a profit from them respectively.

21 Casino affiliate uses the second type scheme. They are offering a share of revenue from players, the rate of which is progressive. It means that it may increase in case of rising amount of players referred. The scope varying from 25% to 40% which is quite sufficient.

Creating an account in Affiliate Program

The process of establishing a new account in affiliate program is a little bit more sophisticated than for ordinary players in casino, but it still quick-to-be-proceeded.

registration in a casino affiliate 21

Before all, you shall visit the affiliate page website which can be accessed directly or through website of 21 casino sitemap. Once you being there, press on signing in button and prepare to fulfil some info about yourself. There are a various spaces requires:

  1. Your personal information, such as name/surname, address of living, country, etc.
  2. Your company info, tax ID and the URL-link of your website
  3. Contacts or possible channels to communicate with you

In the end, you would asked to choose a currency of account, which might be:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GPB
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • ZAR
  • SEK

As well as preferred method of communicating with you and language you speak. There are available English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, German or Japanese. Moreover, there is also provided a regular feedback with statistics, which would be send to you via email, SMS or any messenger platform you're using. It is convenient to stay aware of your traffic result whenever you wish.

Which rules are needed to follow before registering in platform

Establishing account in affiliate system means that you're at least 18 years old age. If you're not, it is better to grown up first and make some others activities, like doing a homework, before starting generating a traffic for online-casino's.

Instead of it, it is necessary to fulfil all data about yourself and your business correctly with only true information. Falsehoods are always revealed, don't forget that. It might tend to blocking of your account and freezing your funds at worth conditions.

One more point extremely important, is to follow the marketing guidance and ethics while attracting new players. The full text with guidance you should read by yourself, it would be available during the registration. General terms of it consist of avoid usage of unfair methods in attracting the audience, such as spamming via any channels, cookies stuffing or iframing, etc.

What are the brands in 21 Affiliate Program

main casino 21

For affiliates of particular programs there are avalible a whole product line of 21 Casino. Under the brand name are operating such activities as:

  1. Sports wagering
  2. Casino online-games
  3. LIVE-casino games
  4. Jackpots and slot-machines

An affiliates are able to attract audience to any of listed product and earn a commission. The rate is equal to all activities. Thus, try to find the best for you and your audience exactly.

casino games section 21

Affiliate System Conditions




0 - 5.000

25 %

5.001 - 15.000

30 %

15.001 - 30.000

35 %


40 %

Feedbacks from Affiliates

review of casino partners 21

Maria, SEO-specialist

We maintained a partnership with 21 casino a couple month ago and really enjoy it. Before we were cooperating with Nigerian bookie's companies and it was awful. In comparison with undeveloped Nigerian bookies, 21 casino is a team of high-level professionals and the traffic for them is much more sufficient. Recommended.

Stepan, Affiliate Manager

I'm in affiliate business since 2016 and experience a lot of programs. I have no claims to 21 casino and their program for affiliates – payments are regular and stable, they are in demand among players, affiliate team is friendly and speaks Russian language, so we've maintained a productive and effective relationship.

Unfortunately, none. It is available only a Revenue Sharing system there, so you should try it.

The table is presented in the article, check it one more time. The rates might be from 25% to 40%.

You definitely should contact affiliate team support and ask them directly. Maybe they would make an exception for you.

As it traditionally installed – each month at 15th day all payments are proceeding. You receive a payment for previous month, so in June you'd get your profits for May and so on.

There are 3 to choose: Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill and Neteller. Feel free to choose any of them.