Affiliate Program Genting

Genting – a superior brand in industry of gaming, which is owned by «The Genting Group» and located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was originally founded in 1965 by Malaysian entrepreneur and enthusiast Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, who's now taking a place of one of the priorest people in the enterprise.

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The Group promoting a various brands connected with online-casinos, sports wagering and various games of chance. What is more important, they have introduced their extremely potential affiliate system, which is highly attention-worthy.

Genting Affiliate allows to attract the audience to one of the brands of enterprise and obtain rewarding, according to the amount of player have been referred to them. This text would give independent estimation of the program, providing you the most actual information about the features, tariffs and possibilities of the program in order so it would be much easier for you to engaged with it.

Types of partnerships for Affiliates

The information about commissions rates of Genting bet Affiliates and Genting casino Affiliates is not listed. However, there are all traditional types of partnerships which widely used among partners.

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Beyond them CPA plan, Revenue Sharing scheme of rewarding and hybrid system, which represents a combination of previous one's.

Affiliates can create and customise the most applicable pricing plan for their type of audience.

Registration in Genting Affiliate System

In order to become a new-one affiliate of Genting bet affiliate or casino one's, you have to register in their system for the first stage.

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With that purpose in mind, find affiliate program website and click on signing up button. After you did that, you would be asked for a several information spaces to fullfil:

  1. Personal information
  2. Contact information
  3. Payments information
  4. Marketing information about your business

It is an obligation to fullfil everything right way, because it case of telling wrong info, it might lend to some unpleasant consequences with a lockdown of your account as well.

What rules should be followed after the registration?

Once you've been signed in, it's time to maintain your campaign with purpose of attracting new audience to one of the brand.

While proceeding it, it's important to remember several issues connected with the way of attracting customers. It's crucial to follow the marketing guidance you'd equipped while registering and avoid of using unfair or cheating methods of gaining traffic.

Beyond examples of such methods, there are might be:

  • Spamming across any channels of communication
  • Cookies stuffing
  • iFraming, etc.

And yeah, you've to be at least 18 years old age to be an affiliate, by the way.

What product are offered via Genting Affiliate Program?

Any brand under the Genting Group is available to promoting, while the giant part of them are landscape casino's in different coutries worldwide.

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However, the main brand which is available to promoting is Genting Bet online-casino. Via the program, you would be equipped with all necessary tools for your campaign, such as banners, logo's, pictures, etc.

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The only thing is needed from you – just attract the audience and earn your profits.

Feedbacks from Genting Affiliates

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Hillary, Blogger

I am 10 years experienced gambler on a roulette and maintained a 100 000+ active users blog about that. It was profitless for the first time, but then I monetised it with Genting Affiliates because was personally in contact with them. I have never regret about my choice since than, the program is completely awesome.

Eugene, CEO and Commercial Director

In our company we highly cooperating with Genting Affiliates System, attracting the audience for them through various channels of communication. We have been cooperating for 5 years and have become almost a friends with affiliates team. They provide high-level services and quite well rewarding plans either. Recommend.

The CPA pricing plans are signed individually and pricing plans are built for each affiliate separately.

The rates fluctuates from 25% to 45% as a maximum.

There is only RS-method listed. However, you should ask support team, maybe they'd make an exception individually for you.

The payoffs are proceeded on monthly basis. For current month you'd receive earnings for previous one. Otherwise, there is a manual-mode in which you are able to create a payout application, so it would be proceeded as soon as possible.

There are 3 to choose: Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill and Neteller.