Are you a webmaster? Or a bloger? Maybe you have own web-site or generate a lot of traffic another way? Anyway, you should be aware of Betsson Affiliates and the Betsson Group at all.

betsson affiliate program

Betsson Group Affiliates is a high-leveled professional business partner and first-class specialist in CPA networks, which owns a vast range variety of online-casino brands and products. What is more important — they are open to cooperation and let us explain what they offer.

Betsson Affiliate is an official partner who are generating a traffic to the one or multiple casino-brands under the Betsson Group. As a rewarding for that action, an affiliate obtain profits, which is calculated according to the number of players he or she has transferred. It's a great opportunity to convert your audience into money profits and avoiding such opportunity would be a lost opportunity.

The article you're reading at the moment would distinguish the key competitive edge of Betsson casino affiliates. covering pricing plans and registration simplicity. Additionally, we have collected a feedbacks from already active affiliates and ready to share them with you. Hope, would be useful. Here's we go.

Types of partnerships for affiliates

Betsson affiliate partners are able to choose the way they prefer to cooperate via the program. There are offered a 2 schemes of work: CPA and Hybrid. Let's pay emphasis in details.

CPA scheme or a Cost-per-Action pricing plan purports a rewarding according to the number of target actions made. In particular case, by the meaning of action highlighted a making of first deposit by a player, that you have been referred to.

payment models affiliate betsson

Another scheme which is most in common among affiliate is a revenue sharing which focuses on the lifetime value of a client and purports a fixed percentage rewarding due to the number of players you've been referred.

A hybrid scheme combines previous two in one and can be characterized as more complicated on the forecast view.

Betsson Group mostly uses the Revenue Sharing-plan. The rates are progressive and changeable according to the amount of money earned from referred players. Furthermore, pricing is changeable due to the particular brand under the Betsson Group.

However, the CPA and Hybrid schemes are also acceptable. In case your type of traffic is more appropriate for them, feel free to contact affiliates support team and build individual pricing plan.

Establishing account in Affiliate Program

The 1st stage on the road of becoming an affiliate partner is a registration in the system. This stage is easy to proceed, instead it is more complicated than original registration for players.

registration in affiliate betsson

By the term of most complicated we mean that it is required more information to be fulfilled. Among ordinary personal info and contacts, you have to insert your address of presence, the company name and URL of your website, as well as payment details and bank account information.

Once you'd fill in all spaces with an info, you'd have to wait a little bit until the application would be approved. Don't worry, busy man. It won't take long until you'd gain the full access to betsson affiliates login.

About what you should be aware of

As a primary rule, you have to be 18 years old age or older. It is a key assumption. Despite that, you supposed to insert only the true info about yourself. Telling the wrong info or cheating with details would reveal as it always do. Once it happened, you'd be banned, lose your funds and become an outcast. Thus, insert everything correctly.

As an extra important point, there should be mentioned that you supposed to follow the marketing ethics and avoid of using unfair methods while attracting a traffic. Examples of methods prohibited could be:

  • spamming
  • iframing
  • cookies stuffing, etc.

The full text marketing guidance is presented during the registering, so you should pay attention on it.

What are the products of Betsson Group

betsafe casino

The Betsson Group presents a huge variety of product to promote, which are connected with sports wagering, casino games and so on.

betsson casino

All the products are cross national, providing their services in more than 20 courtiers worldwide.

The full list is following:

  1. Betsafe sports wagering
  2. Betsson Casino
  3. Casino Winner
  4. Casino Denmark
  5. Casino Euro
  6. Jackpot 247
  7. Jalla Casino
  8. Live Roulette
  9. Loyal Casino
  10. NordicBet
  11. Norges Automaten
  12. RaceBets
  13. Star Casino
  14. Suomi Arvat
  15. Supercasino

Affiliate System Conditions

The variation is changing due to the brand. For Betsson Casino, for instance, pricing plan is the following:



€0 – €10 000


€10 001 – €20 000


€20 001 – €30 000


€30 001 – Unlimited


Feedbacks from Affiliates

partners opinion betsson

Giorgio, SEO-Optimizer

With all our sites we connected to the Betsson Affiliate, the wide range of brands available allows to get the different type of audience to the most appropriate direction of gaming. The pricing plan is quite well, but might be a higher.

Ludvig, web-master

I prefer Betsson among others affiliate systems. Firstly, because of product line which is enormous. Secondly, the support team and high-level professionalism of the Group at all. And thirdly, because I'm Swedish.

It isn't presented on website and discussed directly with support team.

From 20% to 35%.

There is also a hybrid scheme, which is discussed directly either.

By 10th day per each month.

Standard set of Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller and extra way — Player Account whatever that means.