Cashmio Affiliate Program

Cashmio is a quite recent player on gaming market of Europe and other regions. Originally established in 2016 as a small enterprise or start-up, it has expanded in several times during the next couple years.

They position themselves as a happy enthusiasts, as well as the whole casino is characterisen as «World happiest casino», which sounds like truth so much. Do you want to join the happiest casino and make a money simultaneously? I know you do.

affiliate program cashmio

The way to achieve that named Cashmio Affiliates – official program for partners which main target is to reach new audience of potential players. In case you are a webmaster, have your own site or blog, channel in social networks or something else, which got an influence on target audience – you're welcome to become a new-one partner.

Our mission in that deal is to make your way the most simple by providing all the necessary information about the program. That's why this article have been written. Enjoy the reading and join the program!

Types of partnerships for affiliates

Beyond the most common types of partnerships for the affiliates, Cashmio uses a payment model of revenue sharing or RS.

This type of partnerships is focus on LTV of each player and bracing long-term cooperation mostly. According to the scheme, affiliates are attracting a new audience from their source of traffic via special referral link, for each one of referred players they get a rewarding which is represents an particular part from net profits of players have referred. This part is calculated due to percentage rate which is progressive – increasing amount of players would rise the rate as well.

conditions for partners

Cashmio affiliate system is offering the rates from 25% for 1-9 FTD, 35% for 10-19 FTD and 45% for 19 and more.

FTD – First Time Deposit represents one player who's came from you and make his/she's first deposit.

In comparison with the nearest competitors, the rates are extremely high, for sure. However, in case you brace another scheme of rewarding, you should contact support team and discuss it with them. The team always welcome for your requests and ready to customise individual conditions if there is a need for that.

Registration in Affiliate System

The 1st step of becoming a cashmio casino affiliate is signing in their system. It's simple process, despite the fact that a little bit more complicated than just ordinary player's signing in.

registration in affiliate cashmio

You supposed to turn into the page of affiliate system and click on «registration» button. After that there would appear a several spaces ask for information about you. It is an obligation to fulfil everything in correct way and tell only the true information. Breaking down that's rules might tend to extremely unpleasant outcomes, including the lockdown of the account, forfeiture of funds, destroying your reputation and maybe even whole life.

There would be a parts consist of: contacts of yours, payment details and marketing information about your business, website, etc.

What rules you have to follow after registering?

While becoming an affiliate, you obtain a certain responsibilities, because start representing an enterprise. Beyond the general rule of being at least 18 years old or higher and write down only the true information about yourself as it was mentioned, there is one more crucial issue you should be aware of.

When you launch your marketing campaign targeted on new audience, you have to follow the marketing guidance established by casino, as well as marketing ethics is used among the webmasters.

The full text of terms is free-to-read in general terms&conditions you would be sign during the registration, but we highlight a some of issues as an example.

It is restricted, for instance, such things as:

  • Spamming via search engines, blogs, emails or other channels of communication
  • Iframing
  • Stuffing of cookies
  • and other unfair and cheating methods of generating web-traffic

Breaking down such rules might tend to the equal outcome as telling wrong information about yourself. Therefore, avoid it.

What products are introduce by Cashmio?

cashmio casino

Under the program introduced a 3 main brands of iGaming owned by Cashmio enterprise. They are:

  1. Cashmio – exactly that's the happiest one in the industry
  2. SuperNopea – Finnish casino brand
  3. Bust the Bank – one more casino brand with interactive title

online casino cashmio

For any of the brand you'd choose, Cashmio team would equip you with all the necessary stuff you might need. Including promo materials, banners, logos, pictures, HTML5, etc.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

partner reviews

Uve, Webmaster and SEO Specialist

I tried Cashmio program year ago because of a lot of suggestions from my friends and colleagues. Usually, they suggest all sorts of nonsense, but that time I was impressed. I follow the philosophy of the project, which takes an entertainment function on the first plan. However, in other directions they are more than just perfect. They're increadible.

Sergey, Affiliate Manager

I recognised about Cashmio for the first time during my trip into Finland last winter, when I returned back home, checked their website and decided to try. I have never regret since then. Always in time payouts, awesome support team, great commissions with no cutdown. Many others should take an example from them. And yeah, regards to the program, next winter I'm going to Switzerland for skiing.

There is only RS scheme is used, but you should definitely contact support, maybe they would make an exception.

The rates listed from 25% to 45%.

It is not listed, but... You know what to do, yeah? (Contact support team).

Payoffs are proceed by 15th day per each calendar month. So be aware that on 16th day of each month somewhere enjoying his rewarding profits a little affiliate of Cashmio. Ready to share his feeling?

1st option – Bank Wire Transfer, 2nd – Skrill, 3rd – Neteller. The end.