888 Casino – a major part of «888 Holdings PLC» activities, which is connected to the casino games of chance. They introduced an integrated affiliate program for all their main directions. It is a part of the overall program 888 Uffiliates, which advertises the brands made by Dragonfish software company.

888 casino affiliate program

The following article would estimate 888 casino affiliate programs, describe the variations of the partnership with the company, cover registrations process, prices and rewards, the main rules and tips of making profits through the program.

888 Casino – an experienced provider services of online-gambling activities since 1997, which has deserved the fame of giant Internet-casino among players worldwide. The company allows to obtain an interest from redirected traffic to 888 casino web-platform. The inscription on the official website of 888 affiliates says that it has been paid over $207 905 405 by the moment of writing current article.

Despite casino, there are a huge range of another sections which are also available to affiliates, the total list of them is following:

In case you have a traffic channel, you definetely should try 888 casino affiliates and see its profitability in practise.

Types of Affiliate Partnerships

Altogether, there 2 main types of affiliate partnerships, offered by 888 casino. However, if them is not enough for you, you should contact the team of 888 affiliates and discuss with them some extra options you wish.

But let's turn back to the main types of programs introduced. There are CPA and the progressive Revenue Share system. Let us explain the each one.

888 casino partners payment model

CPA (cost-per-action) — the 1st scheme which consists of payment for appropriate action of the user from your traffic channel. As an action needed it is usually intended the deposit made by user. CPA-system is more appropriate to the 888poker section, but can be used in casino one either.

RS (revenue share) – another scheme which is based on progressive share from total amount of income from players you reffer. It starts from 20% if share and increasing dependably to the number of users have come through your channel. The maximum amounts might consist of 45% of total income.

Registration in 888 Casino Affiliates

The procedure of signing up in 888 casino affiliates can be proceeded via the 888 affiliates program website by clicking the icon «Join our Success».

registration in 888 casino affiliate

Once it would be pushed on, you supposed to fulfill all required spaces with an account info. It requires:

  1. Username in affiliate system
  2. Email
  3. Password
  4. Security question

Then you supposed to accept Terms & Privacy Policy, you can read it first. In order to safe your time, the key issues would be highlighted in the next section of the article.

In the end of the process, tap «Register» and finish up, you data would be checked as soon as possible, so you would able to get the full access to materials and tools.

What you have to follow after registration?

In order to taking part in 888 affiliate program without facing any problems or issues, you supposed to follow the key rules and requirements. They are the following:

  1. Being at least 18 years old adult
  2. Insert only correct and true info about yourself
  3. Follow the marketing ethics

Let's focus on the 3rd point more closely. Marketing ethics means reduce the usage of unfair and fraudulent ways of obtaining a traffic and maintaining your marketing campaign. They include:

  • Using special link for getting illegal data from websites
  • Spamming via email
  • Spamming via blogs
  • Using of spam in search engine systems
  • Cookies stuffing and iframe
  • Other cheating methods of marketing

It is highly recommended to follow up the marketing ethics, because if you would blamed for breaking the rules, you would be banned in whole affiliate system of 888 Holding PLC with freezing you account balance.

What extra products 888 Casino Affiliate Program carries on?

casino 888 bonus 200$

With an access to 888 Casino Affiliate program you also get and access to 888 Uffiliate ecosystem. As it was mentioned earlier, it complies of such a brands, as:

  • 888 Casino
  • 888 Poker
  • 888 Bingo
  • 888 Sport
  • 888 Games

Therefore, you would open to your audience a wonderful world with a several hundreds premium quality online-games in, games with live-broadcasting and so on.

casino 888

Furthermore, 888 is multilingual platform, so you are able to communicate with tech support on the most comfortable language for you 24/7. There are no limitations in geo, gender or preferences of target audience – all of the user would remain satisfied.

How is calculated total revenue of affiliate in 888 Casino

The prices plan for poker is the following:

Number of acquired players per month












Number of players acquired per month

% from total Income







Over 41


Feedback from Affiliates

888 casino partner reviews

Rodrigo, Affiliate Manager

I'm using 888 Affiliate System for a while. It is really nice, quite informative user interface in web-platform provides all the necessary statistics about my players. Separate regards for flexible commission's plan, so I have chosen a CPA-plan and this month trying to reach the maximum rewarding with 200$.

Santiago, SEO Specialist and Affiliate

We have chosen to work with 888 in several reasons: it is almost the most visitable casino in the internet, so gaining a traffic doesn't require sufficient effort. We're using a revenue sharing Tarif plan, so we prefer a lifetime value scheme of rewarding.

It is progressive and vary from 20% to 40% dependable to the number of players came from.

It varies from 65$ to 200$ per player, dependable on the number of players have come from you.

Affirmative, you can discuss and create an individual scheme of payment system. In order to proceed it, contact [email protected].

You are able to process withdrawals any time you wish, they would be charged within 24 hours.

Via PayPal, Skrill or Neteller.