Have you ever heard about Leo Vegas – the largest gaming provider of games of chance? I believe you have. They pay key emphasis on mobile gaming which have transformed them into a leader of such sector.

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The company started in 2012 offering various gaming activities, such sports wagering, casino games, as well as live casino and more then two thousands of different slot games in. What if I tell you that you have a great opportunity to share their income by transferring your traffic or audience to them? It would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Leo Vegas affiliate program is established for that purpose. While becoming an affiliate, you receive a chance to obtain a percentage income from your players have been referred to Leo Vegas platform. You can't miss such opportunity of transforming your traffic lead into real money. We would assist you to make that real via the current review. It would estimate an affiliate program, discover main issues and key options you have to pay attention most. Additionally, we collected a feedbacks from already working with Leo Vegas affiliates to borrow their thoughts and opinions about the program.

Get ready and fasten your seatbelts, we're going to start.

Types of partnership to affiliates

Types of an affiliate partnership are meaning a pricing plan of your future rewards for players referred. Basically, there are 2 main types which are widely in use: a CPA type and RS type. Leo Vegas is offering only the second type, so we would focus particularly on it.

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RS – revenue sharing scheme consists of a certain percentage from net profits of each referred player, which would be paid for you as an affiliate. With such circumstances, you are referring a player to Leo Vegas platform and gain a chance to receive up to 40% of player's money loss as a rewarding. The percentage rate or your interest is a progressive, which means that it is increasing respectively to an increase of the total income from players you have referred. It started on 25% and can be risen to 40%.

It is valuable deal, buddy.


Less 5000€

25 %


30 %


35 %

Over 30000€

40 %

Registration in Leo Vegas platform

There shouldn't appear any problems with registration process, but we would cover it anyway. Of course, it is more complicated in comparison with the ordinary registration as a player. However, there is nothing unreal that can't be handled anyway.

registration in affiliate leo vegas

Visit the affiliate program website directly or through redirecting from one of a brands of Leo Vegas. Once you get there, click on orange large button on top with inscription « Register » and prepare to insert some info about yourself.

There would be asked your personal info, like address of residence, country and citizenship, some information about your company and website URL. Furthermore, there would be requested your payment details information or the way you prefer to get your profits.

It is highly important to write down everything in a correct way only with true information. Do you know why? Because those who's lying would not receive a gift from Santa on Christmas. Thus, it's better to insert everything right.

What rules you should follow after registering

So you have proceeded registration – what's next? You shall wait a little bit until your application would be approved, it won't take longer than a couple of days. Once it would be finished, feel free to get your personal referral link generated and pick up to your website in order to start attracting a players.

General rules consist of:

  1. The fact that you supposed to be a 18 years old adult
  2. You have written down only the true information about yourself
  3. Follow the marketing guidance and don't break the rules of Internet-marketing ethics

The last point means not to use unfair or prohibited methods while establishing your marketing campaign. The full text with restrictions you should read while registering, some examples of methods you have to avoid to use:

  1. Spamming via blogs or email
  2. Spamming via search engines
  3. Cookies stuffing
  4. iframing, etc.

Breaking up the rules might tend to the lockdown of your account and your fortune of funds would be freezed. You'd become under the law and your life would turn into the ruins. Thus, not break the rules, buddy.

What are the product offered in Leo Vegas Affiliate Program

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There are a vast range of brands under the development of Leo Vegas Group you would have an access to attract audience to. They all are focusing on mobile games activity.

The full list of them is presented above:

  1. Leo Vegas
  2. Royal Panda
  3. GoGo Casino
  4. Bet UK
  5. Live Casino
  6. Pixel Bet
  7. Pink Casino
  8. 21.co.uk
  9. Slot Boss
  10. Castle Jackpot
  11. Crown Bingo
  12. UK Casino
  13. M CASINO
  14. Bingo Stars
  15. Slot Mob
  16. Slotto
  17. Legs Eleven

For any of them you've chosen, you'd be equipped with all necessary marketing instruments and tools to maintain an effective marketing campaign.

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Moreover, you may ask affiliate's support team for an assist or another help whenever you wish.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

partner reviews leo vegas

Vinceslav, Blogger and Influencer

While I established my blog and gained first hundred-thousand audience, my good friend suggested me to monetise it, so I've chosen a first affiliate program I faced with and it was Leo Vegas. For next 6 months, I have earned a sufficient profits and have never faced any troubles with platform. It allows me to take my blog to the next level and my audience doesn't really protested for a little bit of ads of quality product.

Kim Jo Gon, Web-specialist

We working in affiliate business for 4 years. During that time period, we've experienced a variety of programs and can proudly declare – Leo Vegas is in the leader's list. Totally reccomended.

Unfortunately, none. It is available only a Revenue Sharing system there, so you should try it.

The table is presented in the article, check it one more time. The rates might be from 25% to 40%.

You definitely should contact affiliate team support and ask them directly. Maybe they would make an exception for you.

As it traditionally installed – each month at 15th day all payments are proceeding. You receive a payment for previous month, so in June you'd get your profits for May and so on.

There are 3 to choose: Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill and Neteller. Feel free to choose any of them.