Kindred Affiliate Program

Talking about why the next affiliate program is awesome – let us prove that with the facts. The winner of EGR Operator Awards 2019 – Kindred Affiliate Program.

kindred affiliate program

Kindred Affiliates – a group of high-level professionals who're working in gaming business for a long time and pays main attention to affiliate networks. Under the group name there are operating a various brands, such as:

  1. Unibet
  2. 32 Red
  3. Vlad Cazino
  5. StorsPilare
  6. CasinoHuone
  7. Kolikkopelit
  8. MariaCasino

All the brands are widely recognisable and in love beyond players. To help you to decide whatever working with current program or not, we collected information about it in this review and provide a feedbacks from affiliates, who ' re already involved in it.

Wish you to have enjoyable reading and life with a lot of fun!

Partnership ways for Affiliates

In another words, what schemes of partners rewarding are used in current program.

commission for partners kindred

The program is offering a quite flexible pricing plans for your traffic with new players. There are all main types of cooperation presented:

  1. CPA
  2. Revenue Sharing
  3. Hybrid

The rates are the following, choose the best scheme, which is appropriate for you most. In case your traffic mostly came from arbitrage - prefer the CPA scheme. In case you audience is came from SEO – bracing a revenue sharing would be great.

Kindred Affiliates


Net Revenue from players

Net Revenue Share

0€–10 000€

20 %

10 001€–30 000€

25 %

30 000 €

30 %







40 €

100 €

150 €


50 €

110 €

160 €


60 €

115 €

170 €


70 €

120 €

180 €


80 €

125 €

200 €

Establishing an Account in Kindred Affiliate System

The primary thing you have to proceed in order to become an affiliate is kindred affiliates login. Creating an account in the system is more complex than just for ordinary players, but it is still possible to pass through.

affiliate registration

Due to the modern term and rules, in case your traffic is from United Kingdom – to register you have to contact tech support team via [email protected].

In case it isn't – signing in via the website for affiliates would be enough. You'd be asked for several information fields you have to passed with correct and true information about yourself. There are:

  1. Personal information of you
  2. Contact information
  3. Marketing information about your company ( e.g. URL of website )
  4. Payment Details about the way you ' re going to obtain rewards

What you have to be aware of while registering?

Once you're creating account in Kindred Group Affiliates – be ready to follow the rules of system.

The full text of terms and conditions would be presented to you while registering, you should read it attentively. Among general terms, there are :

  1. Obligation of being 18 years old age or higher
  2. Insetting all info true and correctly
  3. Following the marketing guidance and ethics while registering

The last point is specially important. Following the terms while attracting new audience connected with reducing the usage of such unfair methods as :

  • Spamming ( e.g. via blogs, search engine systems, emails, etc. )
  • Cookies stuffing
  • iFraming and others

Breaking the rules may tend to the lockdown of your account. Therefore, try not to break them.

What are the products available in Kinder Affiliate System?


Once you ' ve become an affiliate in Kindred, you ' d be equipped with all the necessary stuff for affiliate.

online casino maria

It was mentioned, but it can be replicate one more time the product line of Kindred is consisted of :

  1. Unibet
  2. 32 Red
  3. Vlad Cazino
  5. StorsPilare
  6. CasinoHuone
  7. Kolikkopelit
  8. MariaCasino

For all brands, there would be introduced to you all marketing tools needed, such as banners, images, logo ' s, etc. For anything else feel free to contact affiliates support team and ask them directly, they are answering 24 / 7 in 15 different languages.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

affiliate partners opinion

Ragul, Affiliate Manager

Co-working with Kindred Affiliates for a long time and have never faced some dispute situations. Support team is nice and very professional, commissions are flexible and the brands are in demand. Strongly recommend !

Julia, SEO-Specialist

We ' ve maintained a campaigns for Maria Casino and Unibet – both were successful. The audience love them, any issues with payments has never happened, interface of Affiliates system is perfect. Best reccomendations for that program.

For sports the payoffs are from 40€ to 80€, for casino's – from 150€ to 200€.

The interest rate is progressive : from 20 % to 30 % with a 5 % booster for the most active affiliates.

There is also available Hybrid-system. For details, contact tech support and develop personal plan for you exactly.

One time per calendar month : for June you ' d receive payoffs in July and so on. The outputs start from 100 €.

There are 3 to choose : Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill and Neteller. Feel free to choose any of them.