Casumo is a modern online-platform providing services with games of chance. The platform has over 2000 various games in and can be characterised as a rapid-developing project. Providing their services since 2012, the company was established in Malta where the headquarters still situated in. Furthermore, there are subsidiaries in Barcelona and Gibraltar either.

casumo affiliate program

What distinguish Casumo platform from the nearest alternatives is an extremely clean and attractive UI-design of the platform, which is not overloaded with the ads as it common for website in that industry.

Casumo introduces an adventurous affiliate system with a plenty of profitable possibilities in it. Current review would estimate the Casumo affiliate program via all key points and issues. Moreover, here's would be covered conditions for affiliates comparing to other programs, so it would be easy to decide is it valuable for cooperating or not.

Types of Affiliate System

Due to the type of possible partnership to be established, Casumo doesn't provide a wide choice, presented only one way of cooperating.

commission for casumo partners

They are offering to the affiliates to take part in Casumo expansion in online in form of sharing the revenue or using a RS scheme of affiliate system. RS (Revenue Share) means that according to the terms of the platform, you will earn a percentage from all of the traffic you've quoted to Casumo over the lifetime. It means that business model of Casumo is focusing on the LTV of their clients, trying to attract and remain them using the platform.

Despite another scheme which is in common between affiliates with CPA (Cost-per-Action), which is focusing on the first deposit made by players and receive payments according to the amount of deposits made. However, CPA-scheme is not availible in Casumo, but Revenue share conditions are pretty attractable.

Registration Process in Casumo Affiliates System

The procedure of signing up is quite quick-to-overpassing and transparent. It should be mentioned that it is extremely important to fulfil only the true information during the process and being and adult of 18 years old or more as a rule.

registration in a casumo affiliate

To sign in you supposed to do the following:

Visit Casumo website —> move to Affiliate webpage —> click «Become a partner» —> fulfil all spaces required —> confirm the process via SMS or email link

The field you'll need to fulfil are pretty common and consist of:

  • Your first and last name
  • Affiliate name (or your pseudonym)
  • Email address and confirmation of it
  • Mobile Phone number with country code
  • Full address of living with city, street name, flat number and ZIP-code
  • Proffered language (there only 2 languages available – English and Japanese)

Then you supposed to insert your marketing info:

  • URL of your website
  • Category of gambling activity you focus in
  • Title of your site

Once it would be done, you'll move to payment details proceeding. There are 3 main ways of money transferring for affiliates: Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller and Skrill. You have to choose one and then write down:

  • Payee name (the name of your bank or another payment provider)
  • ZIP/Post-code of yours
  • Number of Account
  • IBAN-code as well
  • BIC/ABA/SWIFT-code
  • Bank Code
  • Fulfil your country, city and address of living one more time

To finish up, enter username and establish a password you wish to have and wait a little bit once your account would be verified.

What are the rules you need to follow while registering

There is a long text of terms and conditions you'll need to follow and supposed to read it out. However, in order to safe your time here's a brief summary of key point which you shouldn't break down:

  1. Being adult of 18 y.o. or elder
  2. Fulfilling true personal data and bank account info
  3. Follow the marketing guideline and reduce using restricted marketing methods

All your marketing materials, as mailers, reviews, banners, native and SMS send out's have to not restrict prohibited methods. One more point connected with locations, there is a prohibition to maintain advertising campaigns towards United Kingdom. Furthermore, there are some limitations due to the Spain, Denmark, Sweden and MGA Territories.

You supposed to check the rules attentively and not to break them down, because it might over with ban of your affiliate account with all the funds in.

What are the product Casumo Affiliates Program is offering?

casumo casino

While you decided which area would be the best for you to cover: betting-activities, casinos, slots, poker, blackjack or other. Dependable on that, you'd be equipped with all necessarily marketing tools and material for generating a traffic. For example, such tools might be represented in:

  • Animation
  • Banners
  • Images
  • HTML5
  • Links
  • Bonus codes, etc.

The Casumo casino affiliate is using the mentors system, so you have an opportunity to ask for help whaever, whenever you wish.

live casino casumo

Just contact to affiliate program manager with your issue and see how quickly it would be handled

How affiliate's earnings is counted in Casumo?

The commission is the following:

Amount of deposits from players per month

Percentage from net profits











Reviews from Affiliates

reviews of partners casumo

Bernard, Blogger:

I have never thought about the possibility to make my hobby profitable. I started my basketball blog a year ago and only in January my friend recommended me to try affiliate programs. I have chosen casumo program and do not regrets, it's awesome and I like the way it designed so much!

Gustav, Arbitrator:

Casumo Affiliates is awesome, it allows to obtain a 45% from players losses, which is the highest rate in market. Strongly recommend for everyone who want to make real money.

It is progressive which means that it is dependable on how many players have been quoted from you due the calendar month. The rates vary from 25% to 45% if income per playe.

As it was mentioned in the article, Casumo doesn't have CPA scheme implemented in Affiliate Program.

Unfortunately, it is not provided, buddy. Anyway, you can ask for that affiliates tech support and maybe you'd find an outcome which satisfies you both.

Withdrawal of profits should be proceeded the same way as your payment method has been chosen while registering. The amount of it starts from €100 and would payed out during the first week of each month.

The same as it was fulfilled in signing up process. There are 3 ways to choose:

1. Bank Wire Transfer

2. Neteller

3. Skrill