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«The House always wins» – that phrase is common for most of people even if they far away of gaming. It has become symbolic, but by origin it's completely true. Despite the luck today is on your turn or not – casino will earn their income anyway.

rank affiliates

How about help it a little bit? How? By sharing revenue, of course.

Rank Affiliate program offers a great opportunity to become a part of legendary and vintage casino's parental company. The corporation titled Rank Group was founded in 1936 in Great Britain. Since then, they have expanded into superior chain of casino's in Britain and complete exporting their services abroad.

Rank affiliates is offering to attract the audience to their brands for rewarding in form of interest percentage from each referred player. Primarily, it concerns webmasters, SEO-specialists, website owners, bloggers or social media influencers. But is not boarded with them, because that can be interest to everyone how's got an audience and able to convert it into real money.

This review would estimate the affiliate program, compare with others, highlight some pitfalls if they would be and provide you a feedbacks from existing affiliates. Here's we go.

Types of partnerships for affiliates

The rewarding system for affiliate was built with the main focus on revenue sharing shceme. They call it «fair commissions structure». Obviously, it is classical RS-system with more effective title.

conditions for rank partners

Revenue sharing means that your revenue is calculated based on LTV or lifetime value of the client. In other words, your referred players would make you a profits while whole period they're playing. The payments are built according to interest rate which is progressive – while rising the total income from your referred players, the rates are rising simultaneously.

Rates start from 25% per player until net revenue overs 5 000£. Once it would over these amount, the rate would be increased to 30% and after 15 000£ – to 35%.

Registration in Affiliate System

Registering procedure in Rank Group affiliates would be a little bit more complex than it is for ordinary players. Despite that, there is no problem to pass it anyway.

registration in affiliate rank

You'd be asked for account information about yourself, such as country of residence, name/surname, email, etc.

Next you'd be asked for marketing information about your company and website, such as URL of website.

Then you'd be asked for payment details or the way you are going to receive your payoffs. There are Bank Wire Transfer, NETELLER and Skrill as a possible payment methods.

What rules you should follow after registration

While registering, you have to be aware of main principles of affiliate program which are crucial to be followed. Among them:

  1. Being 18 years old or higher adult
  2. Inserting every information correctly and truly
  3. Following marketing guidance due to marketing campaign of attracting customers

The last point is key importance question, because the break down of the rules might tends to the lockdown of your account. With the worth circumstances, your earnings would be freezed.

What are the products offered by Rank Affiliates

For Rank affiliate is offered all brands and products under the Rank Group governance. The total chain is over 53 online casino's and local points across the UK.

casino rank

The company opens an access to the world of gaming activities, through which are presented sports wagering, poker and card-games, slots and game machines, as well as casino as the main direction.

casino rank

Rank Group integrated 3 large providers:

  1. Grosvenor Casino
  2. Grosvenor Sport
  3. Grosvenor Live Casino

Affiliates also get all necessary marketing materials for the campaign, such as banners, logos, images, HTML5, etc.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

partner reviews

Stepan, Affiliate Manager

I heart about the Rank Group for the first time while I was studying in Great Britain. Decided to try on the program and haven't regret about that since then. Very transparent and simple structure, quiet sufficient commission's rates. Recommends!

Eric, Sport's Blogger

I monetised my sports websites which had been developed as my hobby a couple years ago. I have chosen sports wagering affiliate program and Rank Group program for casino direction. Obviously, I'm really satisfied of it. Commissions are payable on regular basis, system is interactive and user-friendly, support team is quite pleasant. Best reccommendations.

The CPA scheme is not listed in general payment schemes.

The rates fluctuates from 25% to 35% as a maximum.

There is only RS-method listed. However, you should ask support team, maybe they'd make an exception individually for you.

The payoffs are proceeded in the end of each month. For current month you'd receive earnings for previous one.

There are 3 to choose: Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill and Neteller.